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Bag those leaves fast with Bigmouth Bagger

This leaf or trash bag holder has a bigmouth that opens the bag to a full 22 by 17 inches to quickly fill the leaf or debris bag. Bigmouth Leaf Bagger can be filled in under 1 minute with leaves. That is a 50-gallon bag packed tight. Easy assemble and disassembles for compact storage. Bagging leaves has never been so easy, it is almost fun. Fits plastic trash or leaf bags, and drawstring bags. Fits up to 60 gallon bags, even heavy construction bags.Durable PVC Frame. All weather steel clip retainer chain and fixtures that can last a lifetime of heavy use.

Bigmouth Bagger uses only high quality materials.

"Forget about The Old School Tarp Method"

Old School Method is to blow the same leaves repeatedly to form a large pile and then blow them onto a large tarp that is usually carried by 2 workers. A few issues with this system are; Wasted time in re-handling the leaves. Wet leaves are even a bigger problem. Leaves cannot be packed in a tarp like they can be in the Baigmouth Bagger. Less leaves means more labor. It usually takes 2 workers to carry the tarp. Repeated trips emptying the tarp. 1 worker can can drag 4- 50 gallon bags. Easily unload the bag for reuse.

How to rake or blow and bag leaves fast & efficiently.
Depending on the property size, configuration and leaf density, For Large open areas make rows of leaves about three to four feet high, or into separate piles to fit one bag packed tight..The key is not to keep re-handling the leaves and work the area systematically.

Start at furthest area from final disposal destination. (compost, truck, curbside)

  1. First rake (All) the leaves- Blow leaves into piles or Rake toward yourself in a circle around you to make a pile of leaves to fill only 1 bag. Then go off to the next area and continue to make the leaf piles.
  2. Second- After all leaves are in piles or rows place the Bigmouth Bagger in front of the leaf pile that is closest to the disposal destination. (use the sod staples for hands-free) Work back in the same pattern bagging (All) the leaves.
  3. Third- On the last leaf bag filled you should be at the furthest point from the final destination area, Transport the full bags to the final destination. Easily empty for compost or curbside pick-up.

The bag holder frame is set at an offset angle so large piles of leaves and debris are easily pushed inside. Staples to the ground so wind is no problem. You don't even need a rake to get large amounts leaves in. Just scoop into the pile and and pull the leaves in, it only takes 30 seconds to pack a bag!.

Save time and energy, but most important save your back!

If you add up all the time it takes to carry a tarp filled with leaves back and forth from the leaf pile to the dumping area and that the leaves were handled over and over to make one large pile, you will see how much of the time was spent on unnecessary work.

How to bag garden trimmings.

As you are cutting feed the trimmings right into the bag. It's easy at Ground-Level

  • For large areas make piles 3 feet long by 18 inches high.
  • Attach the dustpan to slide the piles into the bag.

Work at a comfortable level.

No more reaching! The Bigmouth and Wide Mouth Bagger is at ground level so you can bag those garden trimmings and weeds quickly. Easy to shovel into the bag because you only need to lift the shovel one inch off the ground.

After party clean up indoor/outdoor

No more bending. Use a rake or broom with the dustpan attachment and sweep those debris right in easily.

 Trash bag holder frame for camping, hiking and outdoor activities

Bigmouth and Widemouth Bagger easily hangs from a tree limb. Throw a lightweight rope over a tree limb and feed the rope thru the bag to tie each end to the center of the top and bottom bars. Adjust the height to close the bag while not in use.Light and portable. Fits in a backpack.

IMG_0187 (3)
IMG_0187 (3)


  • Bigmouth Bagger is an approved government vendor. Registered Micro Entity with SWam. Listed with Dun and Bradstreet and Ariba. Patent Pending 2016

    Make a donation to your favorite Litter Campaign and receive a 25% discount from List price. Lets change the world together.


    Bigmouth profile
    Bigmouth profile

    Bagger Facts

    1. Durable PVC 40
    2. Angled opening
    3. Hands free
    4. Easy fill and empty
    5. Staples to ground
    6. Staple holders
    7. Bag clips attached
    8. Attachable dustpan
    9. Compact storage
    10. Under 2 pounds

    Bigmouth Bagger Use

    1. Bagging Leaves
    2. Bagging Clippings
    3. Bagging Debris
    4. Remodeling
    5. Garage Floor
    6. Spilled Trash
    7. Party Clean up
    8. Camping
    9. Bagging Clothes
    10. All Bagging Needs

    Bigmouth Pack
    Bigmouth Pack

    All Included;

    • Sturdy PVC Frame
    • 4 clips on chains
    • 1 PVC Dustpan
    • 1 Leaf Bag
    • 2 Sod Staple

    Bigmouth Bagger is custom designed to fit a 45 gallon trash bag and up. Opens the bag to a full 22 inches wide by 18 inches tall Excellent for those large yard and garden jobs and construction sites.

    Free shipping

    Within the USA. All other countries contact us direct.

    Wide Mouth Bagger 

    Perfect for those smaller jobs. Made for 39 gallon drawstring bags, will fit up to a 45 gallon bag. Opens the bag wide to a full 19 inches and has all the attachments as the Bigmouth Bagger.

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